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МINIAVIAMODEL.RU - Форум коллекционеров моделей самолётов.

Модели самолётов, масштаб 1:500, 1:400, 1:200.


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Сообщение Sanders » 15 окт 2012, 11:30

Hello, guys! (or, may be, girls :))
This thread is for you, for all of you, who want to chat with Russian collectors. Here you can find vodka, matreshka, balalaika,Tupolev -154 and many, many angry bears :) . And moreover, some good persons, who will answer to any your questions. Be sure. Most of us know English rather well.
Our forum is dedicated to russian (and former USSR) planes and aircompanies basically, but it doesn’t mean that we are not interested in world aviation. So you can find very interesting topics, dedicated to military birds, aviation history, world and Russian air and technical museums, and many interesting things about diecast models, about our hobby. Please, Use Google. Translator to translate internet pages from Russian to your native language.
So, we are glad to see you here. Welcome! Na zdorovie!

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Сообщение orion04 » 15 окт 2012, 12:03

About dolls, Russian balalaika and bears, well said! :D Yes, I almost forgot, the Tu-154 is also available. ;)

Моя коллекция:http://www.diecastmodelaircraft.com/collection/orion04
Хочу собрать все Ту-154 в 400м /37 из 72/

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Сообщение Eugenius » 15 окт 2012, 12:19

А Na zdorovie-то к чему?

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Сообщение Pavel11 » 15 окт 2012, 12:43

do not be afraid of us, we are not hooligans but simply collectors models from Russia :)))
рубеж 1431 штук в масштабе 1/200 и 165 штук в масштабе 1/400 преодолел :)))

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