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New questions

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Flight fan
Hello, hello, hello. My friends, I have returned, and I bring questions. I am looking into making a few custom models and doing some research.

First up: Transaero and the Tu-154.

1. How many passenger 154:s did they have, and what versions were they? I have found pictures of one M* and at least two B-2:s**, yet RZJets claims they had three M's and only one B-2, namely 85530.
https://rzjets.net/aircraft/?parentid=1 ... frstatus=3

**CCCP-85530 and CCCP-85565

2. Did any of them wear English titles, or was it Russian on both sides of all aircraft?

3. How long did they keep their CCCP registration?

4. How long did they stay in the Transaero fleet?

Next: Mismatched flag and registration.

1. I know for a fact that CCCP-96005 wore a Russian flag while still wearing its Soviet registration, though I don't know for how long. However, I also recall seeing some other aircraft wearing the same mix, but I can't find any pictures of it at the moment. Was this a common thing to do? Pictures are very welcome.

2. Did the opposite ever happen? An aircraft wearing a Russian registration and Soviet flag?

3. Not really the same thing, but how long after the USSR collapsed did those registrations survive? I assume there was a period of time where RA and CCCP registrations mingled. Seeing as Aeroflot had such a huge fleet, re-registering them all seems like it would take quite some time.

Next: Striped tails.

1. How many aircraft, of what types, carried this type of livery, with two blue stripes on the vertical stabilizer?
https://farm8.static.flickr.com/7160/65 ... 384410.jpg

2. When was it introduced, and why?

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Maybe this will help

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Flight fan
I've used Russianplanes.net in the past a number of times, with varying results. This time, however, it hasn't been much help. I might be doing something wrong though, but selecting Transaero and Tu-154 brings up only one picture of a plane in standard Aeroflot livery. And searching for the registrations either brings the same results or nothing.

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Экспериментальная окраска Аэрофлота, впервые появившаяся на самолетах в 1986 году. Ту-154 было покрашено 85248, 85300, 85507, 85558, 85566

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Flight fan
Ok, so 85685 at least carried Russian titles on both sides, and the "striped tail" Aeroflot livery came in 1986. Спасибо большое. Slightly disappointed that it was only applied to Tu-154's though.

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Flight fan
Oh, cool! When I read your previous reply, I took it to mean only those five Tu-154's were painted like that and no others. My mistake.

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Flight fan
I was looking around on RZJets, Russianplanes, and Google, trying to find inspiration for other customs for the future, when I stumbled across this:
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1010/ ... 1552874631

It's a 1:144 decal sheet for Il-62's. Now, some of these variations I have seen. I've seen the one leased by Air India, I have seen the Official Olympic Carrier logos, I've seen the Chartered by LOT logos, and of course the standard Aeroflot livery. But not the others. Aeroflot Il-62 with red titles? An Il-62 carying "Советский Союз" titles? Never seen the top titles either, whatever they say.

This, obviously, sparked my curiosity and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about these three variations?

Edit: Just found two pictures of the "Советский Союз" aircraft, and it turns out it was a government aircraft. Still leaves the other two though.

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Flight fan
RA-86125. Yesterday I stumbled upon a few pictures of this aircraft with some markings I can't recall ever seeing before. However, all of these images show the left hand side of the plane, and all but one are taken at Zhukovsky, with the exception supposedly taken at Domodedovo.






The captions for most of the photos suggest that it was owned or "operated" by the Air Transport School at Zhukovsky. Is it their logo we can see? Was it applied to both sides of the aircraft? Did it ever fly with these markings? If so, where? (I don't know if the last picture really is taken at Domodedovo or if it's just mislabeled.)