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Moscow Dedovsk International Airport

СообщениеДобавлено: 31 май 2013, 15:31
Flight fan
I still have not yet started on my MDED layout, infact im still in the planning stage. I have a few sketches in mind, and a few ideas, etc. BUT... I do have some fictional history for my layout: http://airportsofwings900.wikinet.org/wiki/Moscow_Dedovsk_International_Airport. I am always trying to expand it and add more history to make it seem more realistic, but i do have a hard time coming up with new things to write.

I am currently adding to the Air Force category. If anyone has any ideas on something to add, please do share. :)

More airlines and destinations will also be added as more models land in my collection.

And last but not least: from now on, this is the thread where i post all of my updates on this matter. They may be few for now, but i will try my best to document my work on the layout.

Thanks for looking!