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This and previous time are very interesting. These ones of Blue are very nice!

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Thank you! Yeah, the Blue1 717s are some of my favorite sights at ARN.

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Well, today i went out to catch the Thai Star Alliance 747-400. I caught not just that, but also some other surprises. Let's go!

1)West Air Europe ATP.

2)HS-TGW standing at Cargo City to my surprise.

3)Just because: SE-RFR behind bars.
(It took some real stupidity to get this shot. A walk in snowy, freezing weather next to a fence with warning signs(not about photography), on a path covered in ice. Add to that some paranoia and you've got yourself a real treat.)

4)EC-KOM next to terminal 2.

5)Two alliance friends.

6)Another stunning Blue1 717. OH-BLM made the honors today.

7)HS-TGW was moved to its usual gate just after i shot it at Cargo City.

8)LN-DYH getting ready to leave. Or so i thought. It was later moved to the gate next to HS-TGW.

9)LN-RKN was the second Star Alliance livery i caught today.

10)Heading to Newark. The third alliance livery i saw, but didn't catch, was a Finnair OneWorld E-190.

11)SE-MAK. I don't care how many photos i get of the ATPs, i love them.

12)The sun came up a bit later so i thought i'd take another shot at Tango Golf Whiskey.

13)BA to London City. First time i catch it.

14)TF-FIZ in from Reykjavik.

15)Pegasus Asia TC-AZP and Norwegian LN-NOI. It's por quality, i know, but it's the first Pegasus Asia jet that i know of.

Thanks for looking!

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excellent birdies in Star Alliance livery
Thank's for the excellent shot)

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The "StarAlliance Day"come ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

рубеж 1431 штук в масштабе 1/200 и 165 штук в масштабе 1/400 преодолел ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile))


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Thanks my friends. Next time i am hoping for a Skyteam day. ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile

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Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

Nice snowy spotting! Blue1 B717 OH-BLM livery looks definitely hypnotizing!


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The weather, not so nice. But the spotting was pretty good indeed.

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Today i went out to spot some soccer visitors. That was a dissapointment, but the shots i did get were not. Most of them atleast. There were some pretty bad ones, but those will not be shown.

Now, let's go.

1)UPS 757-200 at Cargo City, also known as Ramp R.

2)World Airways MD-11F N383WA.

3)Malmö Aviation RJ100 SE-DSX. Rare visitor to ARN as they serve BMA.

4)DHL 757.

5)OE-LVC. Love the Fokker jets. Love 'em.

6)SE-DSX leaving for a short flight to Bromma.

7)SAS, the boss of the place.

8)Unknown Turkish 737.

9)Star Alliance partners.

10)SE-REU leaving.

11)OH-BLN arriving from Helsinki.

12)LN-NOW getting ready to leave. I really like the effect on this shot.

13)Air China A330 touching down.

14)SE-LEP once again.

15)More SAAB 340s on the other side of the pier.

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16)Just because.

17)SE-MAK arriving.

18)World MD-11 and DHL 757, side by side as the sun sets.

19)KLM leaving for Amsterdam.

20)Lufthansa Airbus touching down at sunset.

21)SAS A321 landing in the lovely light.

22)Blue1 717 also landing.

23)Followed by yet another Norwegian 737.

24)SAAB 2000 of unkown airline.

25)A wonderful Estonian E-jet.

26)OM-VRA after arrival.

27)My first somewhat "successful" Korean Air photo! Poor quality, but it's my first so i felt like showing it anyway.

28)My first sighting of F-GFKS and this was the best shot i could get. Shared for the same reason.

29)Another one of those "just because" shots.

30)Norwegian after arrival.

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31)My first successful shot of an Ethiopian 737.

32)YL-BAI. The last airplane shot fot this time.

Thanks for looking!

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Today i caught a real rarity! The last flying 737-200 in all of Europe, YU-ANP of Aviogenex. What a beauty! And the noise it made on takeoff. I can't believe i almost didn't go. I am so glad i did. I am currently in the process of uploading the videos i shot, but in the meantime, here are the shots i took. Enjoy!

1)Norwegian pushing back.

2)Strange seeing this lineup when you're used to seeing SAS, LH and Icelandair.

3)Finnair A319.

4)My first shot of a Braathens Regional SAAB 2000.

5)SAS 736 seen from outside Terminal 2.

6)NextJet SAAB 340 seen from the same location.

7)There goes one of SAS last Mad Dogs... Arlanda won't be the same without them...

8)Finnair A319 again.

9)And here it is! The one, the only, the lovely, YU-ANP! It may not be the best shot, but wait till you see the takeoff video.

10)SAS 737-800 getting ready to leave, i think. Very little activity around it.

11)Blue1 717 taking off for Helsinki. Lovely as always.

12)Norwegian 737-800.

13)Pretty early for gears up, but what do i know.

14)Off she goes, climbing into the sky.

15)And a final shot before boarding the bus home.

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And here are the videos!

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Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

What a beautiful spring sunset over the Arlanda airport! Great shots again!
My favorites are MD-11 World Airways  so massive bird and quite rare and B732 Aviogenex another rarest bird!


Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

Thanks Marat. Yeah, it was a fantastic sunset.

That MD-11 was quite a surprise when i found out that it was coming. And just like with YU-ANP, i am glad i went out to see it.

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Today i caught Squawkie again! Second time i catch that beauty, and i got a lot of firsts too. Enjoy!

Note: I have been very selective with the shots today. If you want to see those not posted, just ask.

1. Lufthansa D-AIRC landing on 01L.

2. LN-TUM following closely behind.

3. And a beautiful Blue1 717.

4. My first caught Airbus with wing... Sorry, "sharklets"

5. PH-BXS on final.

6. LN-DYR landing.

7. OH-LKK from Helsinki.

8. F-GKXT from Paris.

9. TF-ISF from Reykjavik.

10. TC-AAR.

11. EC-KLB trying to outrun my camera.

12. OH-LVC from Helsinki aswell.

13. SE-RDY. One of the few private jets i've seen at ARN.

14. CS-TQZ operating for Norwegian. First time i catch one of them.

15. My first Delta capture and it's a former TWA bird: N713TW.

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After shot 15 i had to change location due to a runway change, and this is the result. First time i've actually had any use for the official spotting point.

16. A Turkmenistan 717 at ARN. That's new. Sadly i couldn't get a clear shot of it.

17. LN-RPE taxiing past the spotting point.

18. LN-DYK following closely.

19. LN-RGE.

20. YL-BAI.

21. LN-RNU.

22. SE-RDP.

23. HB-IJM.

24. SAS x2.

25. SE-MDH.

26. D-AIZB.

27. The beautiful Caravelle. It's sister has been moved to be repainted to fully white. Maybe it's just a primer, which i am hoping, but it may also be permanent.

28. OY-JTV.

29. SE-RFR.

30. A fitting registration. SE-RES. Res = travel in Swedish.

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31. My first Royal Air Maroc aircraft, CN-ROK.

32. And here comes the reason why i went out to ARN today: Squawkie! Also known as YU-ANP, the last 737-200 flying for an airline in Europe.

33. EC-HQL.

34. Air China A330 trying to hide from me. Caught it just in time.

35. SE-LLO.

And that's it for now. Thanks for looking!

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Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

This is great job !
I saw many new for me aviacompany
Very interesting clear airplane without livery A340 CS-TQZ

рубеж 1431 штук в масштабе 1/200 и 165 штук в масштабе 1/400 преодолел ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile))


Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

Hi Oskar,
Thanks, photos as good and atmospheric as always.
For me on the top are B757 Delta (I love the plane)))), the CS-TQZ and sure thing B732.
Go on,will be always waiting for more pics. ))))))

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Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

оказывается это HiFly
пока не покрашенный!
бывший Emirates

рубеж 1431 штук в масштабе 1/200 и 165 штук в масштабе 1/400 преодолел ../../extensions/custom_smilies_2/img1/smile))


Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

Thanks guys!

CS-TQZ is leased to Norwegian until they get their 787s.

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Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

Oskar, good,good,good!!!

С уважением, Алексей.


Re: Stockholm: Arlanda, Bromma

A preview of things to come

Soon Arlanda will loose the last passenger 747 operating at the airport. The daily Thai flight will be replaced by a 777-300ER. Today was the first day with such an aircraft operating the flight, tomorrow it will be a 747 again, but on Thursday it's back to the 77W. Will it be the last 744 from Thai? I don't know. But in any case, i went out to see the 777 and this is the shots i got.


1. Two northern beauties.

2. Norwegian x3.

3. HS-TKL did the honors today. ARN won't be the same without the 747.

4. LN-DYH.

5. Blue1 and friends.

6. AIRFRANCE new livery.

7. D-ACNB.

8. CS-TNL.

9. TF-FIJ.

10. N707TW.

11. 757 meeting.

12. TC-AAO.

13. HS-TKL heading to the runway.

14. Pushback for Bangkok.

15. OY-PSF, HB-IJN and OE-LBN. Tails from three countries in a forth.

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16. SE-MDH pushing back.

17. Novair! They may have removed the blue line, but i still like 'em.

18. Second attempt to push back. After the first time it went back to its gate for no apparent reason.

19. Lufthansa D-AIPC heading back to Munich.

20. EC-HQI.

21. Primera pushing back.

22. SE-RFR and OY-PSF.

23. SE-LXH.

24. Royal Air Maroc takeoff.


And that's it for now. See you later!

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